What's so great about Greenstate Sugaring's Syrup?

Vermont maple syrup is reduced to a higher sugar content than syrups made in other parts of North America, resulting in a richer flavor and noticeably thicker mouth feel. The Bunker Farm meticulously optimizes their harvest process and forest maintenance practices, processes sap in small batches, and cans their syrup directly off of the evaporator, all of which results in a  fresher and cleaner-tasting product with subtle differences from barrel to barrel. 

Greenstate's syrup is particularly special because it's made from sap collected from one very specific sugar bush in a single season, rather than a blend of syrups that come from many different forests. This lets us showcase the distinctive flavor that can be achieved by a single producer focused on their craft. Think of it more like vineyard-designated or vintage wines rather than that grocery store red blend.

Finally, we do everything we can to reduce exposure to plastics and air during processing. The plastic jugs you see at the supermarket can let in air, changing the flavor of the syrup over time. We package our syrup in reusable glass bottles that preserve that amazing, fresh-off-the-evaporator flavor. 

Why isn’t maple syrup made in the Northwest?

Maple production requires two things that the Northwest just doesn’t have: sugar maple trees, and consistent freezing temperatures over the winter. Some residents of Alaska and Western Canada do make syrup from the sap of birch trees, which has a different flavor than maple syrup but is produced in basically the same way.

I don’t like pancakes. What do I do with it?

So many great things!

  • Mixing cocktails
  • Glazing meats and vegetables
  • Finishing sauces
  • Baking
  • Drizzling over yogurt or into smoothies
  • Sweetening salad dressings
  • Drinking straight out of the bottle late at night when you’re pretty sure nobody’s watching

Do you sell to restaurants?

Yes! We can accommodate special orders. Contact us for bulk pricing.